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Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct

At IIBM International School, students are expected to adhere to and practice the Code of Conduct.


Every student of IIBM is expected to represent him or herself honestly and respectfully in all situations, whether orally or in written statements. Honest and respectful representation includes, but is not limited to, providing only truthful material information on all school applications, financial aid forms, waivers, and any other official document. Students are also expected to behave respectfully to all administrators, faculty, staff, students, and visitors to behave respectfully when representing the school at off-campus events. Students will not consciously misrepresent him or herself to any member of IIBM community or to any other person while representing IIBM or any other  school.

Academic Honesty

Students are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. Work that is not of the student's own creation will receive no credit. If a student is uncertain of what these standards are, he or she may consult his or her instructor for appropriate counsel, but a student's ignorance is no legitimate defense for academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty includes lying, cheating, stealing, and using unauthorized materials on any assignment, quiz or exam.

Respect for IIBM’s Rules and Regulations

Students expected to adhere to the rules and regulations set by IIBM.