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The Pedagogy
Learning At IIBM
The Pedagogy

The pedagogy at IIBM International School involves Presentations, learning through models, class room lectures, role plays, experimentation and many more. At this school, rather than spoon feeding the students, we focus on devising such tools of learning where the students thought provoking process is developed. We do not believe in the concept of Rote learning and encourage students to develop their thinking process through experimenting themselves under the guidance of expert teachers and look for answers rather than mugging up. This would ensure that learning would be retained for life and children would be able to become successful in their future endeavors.

The students are given complete insight and deep knowledge about the subjects and are then given different topics related to the subject on which they practically apply the theoretical knowledge gained and prepare and give presentations. This helps in developing self confidence in them for public speaking as well as improvise their knowledge base.

In addition to this, the students are also given group activities to perform so that they learn the importance of teamwork and develop cooperation among themselves.

At IIBM International School , we focus on Activity based learning rather than the traditional methods of learning which makes the learning process fun for the students as well as they get the first hand experience of the knowledge learnt.

In this school, examinations and evaluation tests are paramount where the students knowledge is tested through extensive descriptive, objective and analytical questions. The grades are allotted to the students based on their performances and additional guidance is provided in the areas where the students are weak.

At IIBM International School, we understand that every child has different capabilities and hence we provide individual attention to the needs of every student and help them achieve success in life.