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The IIBM Difference
Learning At IIBM
The IIBM Difference

At IIBM International School, we believe in providing world class facilities so that our students learn and grow in a congenial environment which makes us different from the rest of the schools. The differentiating factors at the school include:


This School has a state of the art infrastructure including a spacious library, well designed classrooms, language lab , laboratories, which provide a very sophisticated  & user friendly learning environment .


IIBM International has arranged for a cab drop pick up for every student so that they reach the school conveniently  and timely without facing any conveyance problems which would really help the student s to start their day afresh and work happily throughout the day.


IIBM  International School  has a well designed Cafeteria providing wholesome nutritious diet with a different menu for everyday , so that the students can not only grow mentally but stay physically  strong as well.

Day Care

IIBM  International School also provides a Day care facility for children above 2 years of age belonging to working parents .The staff at daycare is strongly dedicated to provide a homely environment and motherly treatment to the kids.

Domestic and International Excursions

IIBM International School arranges for domestic as well as international educational tours for its students during vacations which gives an opportunity to students to exchange their ideas globally and also develops immense learning and appropriate cross cultural behavior in them.


IIBM  International School has a world class swimming pool and expert swimming coaches who help the children learn swimming and even facilitate them to compete in various national and International level swimming competitions.

Horse riding

IIBM  International School helps its students learn horse riding within the school campus under proper guidance of experts.

Music, dance, photography  & Sports

IIBM International School believes in an overall personality development of its students through training them in various classical and western dance forms, music, photography and other indoor and outdoor games.

International student exchange programmes

IIBM International School provides opportunity to its brilliant students to go and study abroad at the leading international schools and also welcome students from other countries to study at Laurels which give them a chance to learn in a cross cultural environment.

Professionally  Qualified Proficient Mentors

IIBM International school has professionally qualified, experienced and proficient faculty members who believe in developing  practical knowledge and learning abilities in students.

Wi-fi enabled campus

IIBM  International School has a complete  wi-fi  enabled campus with high speed internet facilities to supplement and enhance learning for its students.

Smart classrooms

The students at IIBM International School learn through smart classrooms with  the help of technological teaching aids which makes learning practical and helps students retain what they learn throughout their lives.

Summer Camps

IIBM International School organizes 30 days summer camps every  year for its students where they can learn various activities like dance, music, theatre, art & crafts etc which would enhance their creativity and help them enjoy while learning.

School Radio

 IIBM International School has a radio designed for its students where the students would be trained to record various programmes and those recordings would be uploaded on the internet.

Photography and Cinematography

IIBM International school helps  students learn the art of Photography and Cinematography under the guidance of experts which would help them build their careers as well in the respective fields .